Cache In Trash Out

By Lil Devil on December 1, 2003 – 10:01pm

One of the creeds of geocaching is Cache In Trash Out. That means when you go into a park to find a cache, you should pick up and haul out some trash that other park users left behind. To help encourage and remind other cachers to do this, I invented the Trash Can hint hint


I leave one of these "Trash Cans" in every cache where it will fit.
It's a rolled up plastic grocery bag in a film can.

Few people seem to Trash Out often enough, so this gets rid of the "I didn't have a bag with me" excuse.
I even find myself Trashing Out more often when I have a few of these in my pocket.

Bunch of Trash Cans

Film cans are free from any photo processing place. Grocery bags are free.
The label works out to about 2 cents each and maybe another penny worth of ink.
Much cheaper than most trade items, and a lot better for the environment. cool

If you want to make something like this yourself, here is a template to print the labels.